Interested in Getting Involved with BEES Studies?

The BEES lab group involves faculty and students from disciplines such as Human Development, Psychology, Nursing, Biology, and Education. The diversity of our group allows us to think about development (and how to study development) from multiple perspectives. Developmental processes are complex to say the least. Research teams reflective of diverse theoretical, conceptual and methodological frameworks are essential to address contemporary questions about child and family development. Students who participate as research assistants in our studies have a range of career goals. Our students want to be social workers, clinicians, psychologists, physicians, nurses, and educators.  

Research Assistant Positions

Dr. Brophy-Herb does not have any research assistant positions open during this time. 


Prospective Graduate Students 

Dr. Brophy-Herb is not accepting new graduate students during this time. Take a look at our website and be sure to visit the website of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies to learn more about MSU and child development undergraduate and graduate programs. Please contact Dr. Brophy-Herb if you are interested in applying for graduate study in the future.