Why Should Families Participate?

Many parents who have participated in our studies in the past tell us they like the idea of helping other parents. The information we learn from our studies can be very useful.  For example, a few years ago, Early Head Start programs and families helped us test a new set of materials to support infants’ and toddlers’ early development.  Those materials are now in use across many Early Head Start programs in Michigan and in MSU Extension programs!  What we learn from our studies helps other parents, teachers and early childcare provider know more ways to promote early development.  Families, caregivers, and teachers are incredibly important “citizen scientists”!  Our work would not be possible without them! It is through their participation that, together, we can address questions about early development and train the next generation of scholars!

How Can I Get More Information?

We are happy to tell you about any of our studies. Please email Holly Brophy-Herb at hbrophy@msu.edu or call her at 517-355-3397.