The Building Early Emotion Skills (BEES) curriculum was developed and piloted with initial funding from the Administration for Children and Families (Grant No. 90YF0055/01).  BEES was originally designed for use by home visitors in a home-based setting with parents of infants 0-3 years.  We are currently testing a sub-component of BEES in online and in group session formats.  BEES addresses social-emotional development in a system fashion by addressing four primary conceptual and sequenced components:  Building Parental Awareness (designed to enhance parents’ awareness of their own emotions and parenting behaviors); Listening to and Interacting with Your Baby/Toddler (designed to support sensitive responsiveness and the parent-infant relationship); Identifying and Labeling Emotions (designed to enhance parental capacity to recognize infant/toddler emotions and to support the baby’s/ toddler’s emerging awareness of emotions); and, Developing Self-Regulation Strategies Over Time (designed to promote parents’ capacities to recognize emerging regulatory competencies in their infants/toddlers and to scaffold and support these emerging abilities). Target outcomes includes increased parents sensitivity and responsiveness, increased parental knowledge about early social-emotional development and increased regulatory skills in toddlers.